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Mount Fuji Tour Highlights

Enjoy visiting Mount Fuji, we are proud to present you about Mount Fuji Tour Highlights

Departure Place : Depart from Tokyo    Departure Period : From June until August

Departure guaranteed for 4 people! ◆Exclusive Tour◆Visiting Mount Fuji + Riding Pirate Ship of Hakone + Shopping at Gotemba Premium Outlets! Lunch buffet with over 100 types of gouPHPet food included grilled meat, sushi, salad & dessert.


Hakone Pirate Ship Movie

Hakone Pirate Ship

The pirate ship is created base on three battleships as model. "Vasa" which was built in Sweden in the 17th century, "Victory" which is a national symbolic battleship of United Kingdom built in the 18th century, and "Royal Ⅱ", which was built base on the first-class battleship Royal Louis in France in the 18th century. Please enjoy having a ride on Lake Ashi surrounded by the natural environment.

Pork Shabu-Shabu

Lunch in Japan's famous chain restaurant "Shabu Yo" for pork shabu-shabu all-you-can-eat! Apart from meat, there are also a variety of vegetables, udon noodles, plain noodles, curry rice and other gouPHPet all-you-can-eat as well. As for desserts, included ice-cream and mixed fruits etc. A variety of soft drinks are available as well in self service soft drink bar!
  If you can not eat pork due to religious or other reasons, the menu can be changed to "chicken". In addition, vegetarians do not need to be worry, as the restaurant also offers vegetables, udon noodles, plain noodles and rice etc. Which will allow you to have choice.  

Gotemba Premium Outlets

Having an image of the historic streets of North America, "Gotemba Premium Outlets" is a domestic outlet with the largest store area. More than 200 shops from luxury brands to dining options are gathered here. Compare with noPHPal stores, products here are of cheaper price, so you can have a good bargain shopping here. Also you can view Mount Fuji, symbol of Japan here in front of the eyes.


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